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We are native English speaking teachers who live in Ecuador. Our schools are based in Cuenca and in Hawaii USA. We have been teaching at the University of Hawaii and other schools for over 10 years. Former engineering professor in STEM based subjects, including chemical, physics, genetics, fossil forensics engineering and computer science.

We make it EASY, FACTUAL, TRUTHFUL and FUN to learn Science

All of our classes are conducted in the English language, unless you ask us to do it in Spanish. However, all of out textbooks are written in English.

We are a home school resource K-12 ages, that teaches science courses strictly based on Observable True Science.

We teach STEM Arts & Sciences subjects using observational science-based curriculum and textbooks for university students.

We provide ON-LINE- and LIVE all year Home School courses or we can tutor your student individually- on line.

Example of subjects

The Chemistry of Life Easily Explained- Chemistry of High School and University

Why is orderly- intelligent INFORMATION the basic structure of DNA ?

In this respect, One columnist, George Gaylor, who interviewed a molecular biologist and scientist (J) in The Ledger (Lynchburg, VA) said this:

George asks the scientist: “Do you believe that the information evolved?”

J (the scientist) responded: “George, nobody I know in my profession believes it evolved. It was engineered by genius beyond genius, and such information could not have been written any other way. The paper and ink did not write the book! Knowing what we know, it is ridiculous to think otherwise.” (emphasis ours).Source: http://christiananswers.net/q-aiia/aiia-scientists.html).

Who created the program that is hard coded into your DNA ?

How many NUCLEOTIDES are in each person's DNA?

Is it true that we are (our DNA) 98% similar to lower creatures like CHIMPANZEES?

Is it true that CATS have 90% homologous genes with those of HUMANS? If so, then are we descendants of CATS? Source: (Biddle, Bisbee, & Bergman, 2016, p.104).

Your student will learn that the basic structure of LIFE is the same, and all living creatures have similar makes because they were DESIGNED by the same engineer, the same CREATOR.

What are the similarities between the DNA and modern day COMPUTERS ?

What is a hard coded program in DNA, and how does that compare to code that is burned

on DVD ROMS, and ROM devices?

How many computers have created themselves by storing information themselves in their CPU?

How many atoms are included in each NUCLEOTIDE that makes up the HUMAN DNA ?

What are the names of those atoms, and why they need to be no other atom?

Why do hydrogen bonds hold the two DNA strand together instead of another type of atom?

"Each nucleotide consists of a sugar (deoxyribose) bound on one side to a phosphate group and bound on the other side to a nitrogenous base." https://science.howstuffworks.com/life/cellular-mi...

Image Credit: Wikipedia.org

Learning Outcomes

Your student will easily learn and be excited to find those answers in our classes.


We make it easy to learn atomic Structures in Chemistry and the Table of Elements

Your student will learn to manipulate chemical formulas such as these with ease.

We make it easy to learn Lewis Structures in Chemistry and the Table of Elements

Or the atomic structure of the elements

What does a blueberry and a stadium have in similarity with the atom?

If an atom could be expanded to the size of a football stadium, the nucleus would be the size of a single blueberry. (credit middle: modification of work by “babyknight”/Wikimedia Commons; credit right: modification of work by Paxson Woelber). Credit OpenStax

Or learn the real meaning behind the concept of Thermodynamics, first and second principle and how that applies to Creation and the Universe.

Concepts such as ENTROPY, ENTHALPY, Standard Free Energy of Formation, Enthalpy of Formation and many other chemical terms that will make them ready for college and university based sciences.This is the foundation for what will be their Master's and Doctoral degrees later on in sciences, chemistry or physics.

(Example of Entropy in every day things)Entropy law says that even the chromium in this vehicle will ultimately decay due to the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

The Universe constantly goes from orderly to disorderly. Not the other way around. This is true in a "Closed" or "Open System", regardless of what some "physicists" or "scientists" may say.

Your high school student will learn the simplified version of this formula from the Second Law of Thermodynamics:

In simple terms, although this formula is applied to a perfect gas, it can also be expressed as : Std. Change in Entropy= Std.change in Entropy of the Products - Std. Change in Entropy of the Reactants. ( (Plourde, McManamy, Snyder, Meier, & Simpson, 2014, p. 474)

Thus the above "complicated" formula simply becomes: deltaS = Sf - Si (Change in Entropy= Final state of Entropy - Initial state of Entropy).

What will your student really learn?

Your student will learn, among other things, in Chemistry or in a Physics class the meaning and fully understand, the scientific and Godly intended reason for the OZONE layer (located between 20-30 km above sea level), the Oxygen and Nitrogen based dual atom molecules and the reason they exist in our atmosphere (O3, O2, N2).

They will learn, Why is it that although we breathe in 79% of Nitrogen, it does not affect us at all. But nevertheless, Nitrogen is extremely important for the sustenance and existence of Life. And that all of this was perfectly designed with purpose, by an Intelligent Person.

Your student will learn God's meaningful purpose. Nothing that we see in the Universe, and atmosphere has arrived here by chance ! Not in millions or billions of years. There is no spontaneous life. Louis Pasteur destroyed that idea over a hundred years ago. For life to exist, It must be intelligently designed.

Your student will learn how many present-day scientists actually believe in Creation and why they feel the Earth is a masterpiece of God. https://creationhomeschooler.blogspot.com/p/some-s...

Why is it that if the electron's negative charge was one billionth of 1 percent (.01/1000,000,000) different from the proton's positive charge, any sizable amount of matter in the universe would instantaneously explode ! (Dr. Jay L. Wile., 2007, p. 316). The tolerances are too small-even infinitesimal for this to have come about by chance.

They will learn that the majority of early nineteen-century major scientists also believed in an Intelligent Creator as the originator of all things in the universe, including Isaac Newton, Boyle, and many others. (Meyer, 2009)

We teach our students that scientists like Johannes Kleper, Robert Boyle, Isaac Newton, John Dalton, William Morley, George Stokes, Dr. William Prout, Charles Stine, James Maxwell, and countless other late-nineteen and earlier century scientists - acknowledged that a rational mind is behind the order, design, and creation of the Universe. That the Universe did not come about by chance!

(Meyer, 2009) and (Plourde, McManamy, Snyder, Meier, & Simpson, 2014).

They will learn the fallacies of "evolution" and why that belief is nothing more than a fairy tale invented by secular educators that do not want accept to accountability to an Intelligent Creator , nor want to face the wonderful facts that Creation is the only explanation for all the "miracles" of science, physics, chemistry, the DNA, biology, math, quantum mechanics, the speed of light. (Biddle, Bisbee, & Bergman, 2016)

Your student will learn that new discoveries by the government's sponsored ENCODE project (Encyclopedia of DNA elements) has finally shown that INFORMATION intelligently stored in the cell's DNA needs to have an Intelligent PROGRAMMER, just as any computer program needs to be created by an initial intelligent HUMAN PROGRAMMER.

Yes, we prepare your child for college and university where their faith will be challenged the instant they put a foot in the halls of "evolutionists" and atheists.

Your student will be kindly and prepared to counter, respectfully, the false "evolutionists" ideas imposed on them by "professors" in the majority of colleges and universities. They will learn to be respectful of all professors but internally dismiss the philosophies of those who "err" on the sciences, or who are not aware-or willfully resist - that God is the real Intelligent Creator behind the Universe we live in.

Please follow this link to see a list of other subjects we teach on-line and live as well

School of True Science Academy


On site TUTORING lesson Prices

One hour per week, $ 10 / Hour / Student/ Class - (Minimum 2 hours outside of Cuenca, within 25 km).

Most individual K- 12 courses can be covered in six to eight months with 2 to 3 hours per week of home school tutoring, Including chemistry, physics, biology and math courses (some students may require more time on the subject.). Labs require an extra hour per week.

University and College based courses can be covered during the duration of the school semester, normally in 3-4 months. (Similarly within 2-3 hours per week of classes).

A more economical option ca be here: https://mytruescience.teachable.com/

Where your fees are per course/ per semester

Collective classes

Prices are per student based.

Collective classes can be arranged and a 10% discount provided depending on the number of students registered for each class.

On site -in person- classes may take less than eight months to cover the entire subject. Most subjects, including math, physics, biology, astronomy, or chemistry can be completed in a matter of 5-6 months. Start classes on September 20 th and end March 20th. Final grades to be posted April 15 th.(Allow for holidays such as Christmas and New Years).

This schedule includes holiday time off for Thanksgiving in the USA, and for Ecuador holidays (1-2 week off), and time off during Christmas and New Years – winter break – from December 15th to January 7th and an additional Spring break for 1 week, or as needed.

Technical Requirements

Preferably we would like to have access to the Internet.

Some of our lessons may include on-line videos and Power Point slides related to the subject being taught.

Home or location where we conduct classes could have Internet access with a farily fast Internet (Most providers in Ecuador have at least 1-2 mega bits per second service).

If you do not have Internet access we will conduct simply with Power Point slides and textbook aides. It is NOT imperative to have Internet access.

If any student is unable to attend class, he or she may be able to listen to the class on-line and live if you advise us ahead of time by at least 2 days, so we can prepare for it.

Your student must have access to the Internet if you want to opt-in for this avenue, in case of sickness.


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